“I got my puppy Remi (red boy) from Huffman K9 out of the Jax and Butters littler born in June 2020. Jensen and Alayna did a fantastic job of learning what I wanted in a puppy and pairing me with the perfect match. Remi is incredibly kind, stable and high drive. I have been training him in tracking, protection and truffle hunting. He truly loves to work, his high drive and desire to please has given me a dog that excels in everything he does. His innate desire to work makes him incredibly fun to train and learn with. Remi is a phenomenal dog and I feel so lucky to have him as a part of my family.”

Michelle Bion
“I have never owned a malinois before, but I feel extremely fortunate to have found my girl, Whiskey.  She is the sweetest and smartest dog! She is great with all our kids, ages 2-9.  The Huffman’s were amazing to work with in getting our puppy.  They were very honest in what I should expect and took a lot of time and consideration on pairing our family with a puppy.  I would have to say they nailed it. We couldn’t be happier.  Thank you!”
Kristen Berube

“Alayna did an amazing job, matching me with the perfect puppy and doing everything she could to ensure the puppies were the best they could be. My puppy (Gunnar) fits in amazingly with my existing dog and is everything I could’ve hoped for, he’s honestly been the perfect dog for me. Gunnar was incredibly well acclimatized to so many things by 8 weeks, from noises to little puppy obstacles, nothing phased him and that’s continued to be the case as he’s gotten older. Alayna’s hard work was evident the day I brought him home and continues to be evident in the stable, hard working dog he’s becoming.”

Taylor Lawson

“I had been going to HuffmanK9 for about a year with my GSD, who unfortunately just didn’t display traits to make him a good reliably deployable tracking and apprehension dog – which I needed for work. After discussing my career and personal goals with Jensen, he recommended several options and I ultimately decided on a puppy from the Storm x Butters litter. Alayna took her time to make sure I was matched with a pup who would perform as I needed, but also be well rounded as this would be my first Mal and I have kids at home. Tyr has been a dream! I cannot thank the team enough for making sure I was paired with the perfect dog for my needs as well as making sure I had the tools to be successful along the way. They say that genetics matter – and I 100% could not agree more. Not much phases this dog and he is driven to learn new things every day. Without Huffman k9 I wouldn’t have found my new partner. Thank you!”

Corrin Rowe

“Huffman K9 is absolutely amazing. They are the best of the best. I was looking for a self protection dog and had seen this breed work at our business in the past as we work with local law enforcement. Jensen and Alayna walked us through every step of owning this puppy and bringing him home. They paired us with the perfect dog because Alayna takes a lot of pride in her breeding and making sure these dogs go to a fit home. I have never owned a Mal before and I can tell you they paired us with the best dog for our family and have taught us the ins and outs of owning and raising a Mal. These dogs are extremely high drive and need a job. Jensen and all the other trainers at Huffman have made training and working our dog a pleasure and have not only taught us about our dog but ourselves too! Thank you Huffman K9!”

Rochelle Wells