Quarter 1 Seminars

Opens for Sign Up December 1st, 2023
March 19th & March 23rd – Cost: $285 for a dog / handler spot and $150 for audit spots

Designed for the true beginner! Interested in a fun hobby or getting involved in Search and Rescue? Then this is the seminar for you.

Quarter 2 Seminars

April 12th – April 14th, 2024 – Cost: $385 for dog / handler spots and $150 for audit spots

Completed an intro seminar or have the equivalent experience and looking to improve your dog’s duration in tracks and complexity? Then look no further! This seminar requires people to either camp or stay local as we typically conduct this seminar in Warm Springs. These are the dates of class, plan for two days of travel (April 11th & April 15th)

April 26th – 28th, 2024 – Cost: $385 per participant slot, $150 per audit slot

Interested in learning how to build bite dogs or are already a professional in the industry looking to expand your skills? This is the seminar for you! Learn how to catch dogs professionally and build dogs from the ground up.

May 17th & 19th, 2024 – Cost: $485 for dog / handler spots and $200 for audit spots

Designed to push teams that are either certified or of an equivalent level of tracking. This seminar is focused on simulating real world tracking scenarios and requires participants to camp together in the Hells Canyon Recreational area. Plan for two days of travel (May 16th & May 20th).

June 1st & June 15th, 2024 – Cost: $300 USD Working Dog Spot / $150 USD Audit Spot

Want a fun hobby or interested in getting into contract work with your dog? Then this is the seminar for you! From truffles to drugs, the game of teaching dogs to use their nose is the same across the board. This seminar is designed for the true beginner.

Quarter 3 Seminars

September 28th and September 29th, 2024 – Cost: $285 per human/dog team (10 total), $150 per audit spot (10 total)

We welcome all dogs who have some prior experience with bite work to come and develop their dogs with our professional decoys. This seminar is also a fun one to watch! Auditors are welcome to sign up for a fee.

Quarter 4 Seminars

October 11th – 13th, 2024 – Cost: $385 per participant slot, $385 per audit slot

Back by popular demand! This seminar fills up quickly and is a very exciting way to improve your relationship with your dog. Please email our office for the syllabus with a full description of what this class entails!

October 26th and November 9th, 2024 – Cost: $285 per human/dog team (10 total), $150 per audit spot (10 total)

Another intro to tracking seminar for those that miss our Spring one!


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Jensen is one of the most knowledgeable people as it relates to obedience training. He goes above and beyond and has integrity. He is very good and attentive to each dog and knows a lot about individual breeds. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Connie Schmidt Hix

Great trainer! Really took time to explain the process to my sister and myself. Has a great understanding of dogs and their thought process which they are able to easily explain to you. Great place, great people. 10/10

Kiera Gabaldon

I am a dog rescue and we highly recommend Jensen Huffman. He has helped many of the dogs in our rescue and our adopters’ dogs as well. Above and beyond regular obedience training. Details with core of behaviors in a very effective way. Great guy.

Kasha Batten-Smouse

Jensen is amazing at his work. He is passionate and extremely knowledgeable and is committed to his work. Super friendly and wants you and your dog to both succeed. He has helped me completely change my dog for the better! Cannot wait to schedule another appointment with him.

Danny Jackson