Meet Our Team

Jensen Huffman

Owner / Trainer

Huffman K9 Obedience was established in 2016 by Jensen with the goal to apply methodology that has been applied in the working dog world and the world of physiology to pet dogs and dogs with behavioral issues to create stable and reliable dog / owner relationships. Jensen has perfected and honed a unique training philosophy through years of working with some of the most dog and human aggressive dogs out there and rehabilitating them to being good canine companions. 

Jensen Huffman started training and working dogs in 2001 and has both handled and trained dogs for the important tasks of Search and Rescue, Explosive Ordnance Detection, Narcotics Detection, Firearms Detection, Human Remains Detection, Counter Poaching and Counter Trafficking.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and studied business at Portland State University for his Masters in Business and Entrepreneurship. Jensen believes that canines are an incredible species, able to form deep emotional bonds with people and assist us as detection / SAR dogs, protection dogs, and therapy dogs who can bring comfort and empowerment to those who are in desperate need.  He believes that it is our duty as handlers and trainers to utilize these animals to improve our community and the world that we live in.

Alayna Huffman

Operations Manager & Trainer

Alayna has always had a passion for animals and this passion led me down many roads that have all contributed heavily to the way she trains now. She grew up training bird dogs with her dad for upland game birds. This style of training was very heavy handed and considered a very “old school” training philosophy. Alayna holds her degree in Fisheries & Wildlife Science. While in college she continued to learn more about animal training through working at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in the seabird department. During her time there she learned more about positive reinforcement training techniques and the benefits of free shaping behaviors. 

Alayna expanded her  knowledge of animal training through a falconry apprenticeship and working with wild redtail hawks. These training experiences, coupled with her background working as a vet assistant, have given her a unique perspective on dog training. With training, Alayna specialize in working with puppies and young dogs to create obedience through engagement with their owners. She focuses on educating clients on a variety of training techniques including free shaping, luring, and appropriate corrections. Her goal for every dog she works with is for them to look forward to working with their owners, to walk appropriately on leash, have reliable recall, and to stay put when asked to.

Kayla Papesh


From a young age Kayla always knew she wanted to work with animals. With a background in equine science, livestock and comparative psychology, Kayla quickly found a passion for dog training and ultimately decided to pursue a career in it. Kayla graduated from The University of Montana Western in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. A few years later she received a Pet Dog Trainer Certification from Top Tier K9 and decided to start her own business, Superior K9 LLC in 2021. After completing the Huffman K9 Master Trainer Academy in 2023 she decided to return to Oregon in 2024 to be an instructor at Huffman K9.

Kayla’s personal dog Lira, has her NASDA Shed Dog I title, and is a HRD (human remains detection) dog and loves to do both tracking and protection work as well. Greeia, Kayla’s Corgi, is a professional at making people smile. Kayla is fascinated with canine learning theory and comparative psychology which has led her to a lifetime of learning and a passion for helping dogs’ and their owners.

Ryan Loving Wilson


Ryan’s canine training journey began in 2008, and reflects his profound love for dogs. From training water fowl retrievers to bloodhounds for tracking, he sought the perfect balance between a working companion and a life-long friend. He discovered his true passion in working with mastiff types, especially his Cane Corso mix, Mnandi, in IGP. Progressing through Huffman K9 and graduating from the Master Trainer Academy, Ryan is on a mission to showcase that a well-trained, life enhancing dog is a nuisance to no one. He has certified Mnandi in Bed Bug Detection, trained her to mitigate anxiety and PTSD as a Service Animal in healthcare settings, and honed her tracking skills in diverse environments, demonstrating the multifaceted benefits of a well-trained canine life companion.

Beyond his canine pursuits, Ryan holds a nursing degree and works as a registered nurse in an emergency department. Adding to his diverse background, he proudly served as a 20-year veteran in the Oregon Army National Guard. His commitment to healthcare and military service reflects a profound sense of duty and dedication that permeates every aspect of his life.

Kennel Techs

Reagan Richi
Aidan Huffman
Tarah Lile



Jensen is one of the most knowledgeable people as it relates to obedience training. He goes above and beyond and has integrity. He is very good and attentive to each dog and knows a lot about individual breeds. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Connie Schmidt Hix

Great trainer! Really took time to explain the process to my sister and myself. Has a great understanding of dogs and their thought process which they are able to easily explain to you. Great place, great people. 10/10

Kiera Gabaldon

I am a dog rescue and we highly recommend Jensen Huffman. He has helped many of the dogs in our rescue and our adopters’ dogs as well. Above and beyond regular obedience training. Details with core of behaviors in a very effective way. Great guy.

Kasha Batten-Smouse

Jensen is amazing at his work. He is passionate and extremely knowledgeable and is committed to his work. Super friendly and wants you and your dog to both succeed. He has helped me completely change my dog for the better! Cannot wait to schedule another appointment with him.

Danny Jackson