Our Services

Having an obedient dog is fun! Being able to communicate efficiently with your dog makes for a stress free and happy relationship. We teach all dogs that come to us to sit, down, and leave it, along with proper leash walking skills. From puppies to our senior dogs, it is never too late to get started.

Behavior Modification

Dog reactivity is a common predicament that many dog owners struggle with. We have worked with dog reactive and people reactive dogs to rehabilitate them and educate their owners how to properly work with them. We have worked with many extreme cases and never turn a dog away. Please contact us today to get you started down the right path.

Protection Work

We train for real world protection dogs. We want a dog that is confident enough to engage with a bad guy and stable enough to be taken everywhere in public. This is an extensive training process and when starting with a puppy takes about 2 years to accomplish. We like to see clients in as soon as possible if this is their goal in order to start developing their puppy’s drive.


We have worked with a number of different search and rescue teams to help them further their tracking dogs capabilities and get ready for certification. Although we are not currently affiliated with a team, we do have practical experience with working and developing tracking dogs. Whether your goal is to join a SAR team or you are training a dog to track a bad guy, we can help.


Interested in going truffle hunting? Shed hunting? Human remains detection? Wanting to be eligible for contract work? We can help. Whether you are wanting a hobby to do with your dog or are looking to get into a profession we would be happy to help you develop your dog and teach him to use his nose.

Service Dog Training

Having a disability, both mental and physical, is taxing. Having a dog that is trained to help you get through your day should give you both a sense of purpose and peace. We have helped train PTSD service dogs and mobility assistance dogs and would be happy to help you get started on the right path.

Packages & Rates

All training sessions begin with a  $150 Mandatory Initial Assessment. This is a private 2-hour meeting between you and one of our trainers. During this meeting we discuss the goals and issues you are experiencing with your dog, and we come up with a training plan to get your dog where you would like them to be. This meeting is a prerequisite for all clients in order to move on to our other training options.

Single Session

$180 / Session

All types of dog training – lets work together to establish clear, realistic and achievable goals for you and your dog! Sessions usually last for one hour ensuring we don’t create a bad experience.

5 Session Package

$800 ($160 / Session)

This package purchases 5 training sessions at $160 per session ($800). Dogs learn through repetition, and reinforcement. 5 sessions will get both you and your pet on the right path to great manners!

10 Session Package

$1400 ($140 / Session)

10 sessions between one of our 3 professional trainers and your dog will ensure your pet achieves its very best and you know how to continue the great behavior and obedience throughout their life!



“We just finished our last session of 10 with Huffman K9. Our girl came to them with basic obedience knowledge, but the level of additional training they provided was amazing. Her reactivity to certain stimuli is now well-controlled. Loose leash walking is perfected. Her confidence is high (thanks to agility drills). We’re working on off leash training and so far, so good. We worked with all four of the trainers and all are equally talented. Their dedication and love for dogs is beyond measure. If you’re looking for the best to train you and your dog, call Huffman K9 and make the investment. You won’t regret it. We’re glad we made the four hour round trip drive to get their expertise!”
Valerie Peterson