Why We’re The Best

The Best Training in Town! At Huffman K9, we offer Dog Training services with a simple philosophy. Great dogs are confident, obedient and motivated to work hard for their owners. Great owners are consistent, clear and encouraging. As dog owners, we are responsible for teaching our pets how to behave appropriately in a variety of situations. In turn, our pets can participate in our lives in all sorts of ways. Using a balanced training approach of positive based behavior creation training techniques, consistency and accountability, we can quickly turn behavioral issues around and achieve very positive outcomes. We work with all breeds of dogs, of all ages and abilities!



At Huffman K9, our trainers and advisors are experienced K9 professionals, having worked on law enforcement teams and private contract groups. Our academic background spans from chemical engineering, psychology, biology, animal behavior and kennel / veterinary medicine. This diversity gives us a unique perspective in working with your pet.


Huffman K9 Obedience offers train-the-trainer programs for individuals interested in making dog training their profession, or expanding their skillsets and abilities to better serve their clients. Advanced modules include but are not limited to “Working with reactive / aggressive dogs”, “Professional Protection Decoy”, “Training Protection Dogs”, “Tracking”, “Detection.”


Jensen, our owner, is educated as a Chemical Engineer and has excelled in Marketing, Business Management, Sales and Manufacturing. He has spent over 18 years working with search and rescue K9s, service and emotional support dogs, and reactive and aggressive dogs.

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Brooke, Taylor, and Jensen are amazing teachers. They each worked with our our 18 month old Labrador, Keiko and got her to not only start listening to us, but got US to realize the importance of having her trust us which is the real foundation towards obedience (for her safety and ours). The Crew’s insight into dogs is extraordinary. They know how to read them and get the best to come out. Thanks K9 Crew.

Heather Heaton

Both of our dogs have behavior issues. We just completed 10 sessions with Huffman and our dogs are so much better! I think the best part is that they teach YOU not just your dogs. I am so happy that I actually have some tools to use and some fun games to use with my dogs going forward. You learn a lot about your dogs and even about yourself here. They have amazing trainers who are ready to tackle any issue your dogs have. We had David most of the time and he was fantastic! But they all do an amazing job with each individual dog and person. Thank you guys so much!

Amanda Miller

Absolutely wonderful training and that is worth the money. I came fearing either losing my dogs or being fined a lot of money by my HOA. Within just a few sessions my girls became crate trained, properly leash trained, and most importantly confident out in public. Evidenced based practices and willing to accommodate all needs. Cannot recommend enough.

Samantha Reddy