We are a small volume breeder to ensure the quality of our puppies’ upbringing. We average a litter a year to a year and a half.

Most people do not know what they actually want when it comes to their puppy. I am there at their birth and am with them every day up until they leave. I see their personalities develop. I see which ones are trouble makers, which ones pick fights, which ones like to cuddle. Malinois are incredibly amazing dogs but can be holy terrors in the wrong hands. I take puppy raising very seriously and because of that, to ensure the happiness of both the puppy and owners, I pair them with who I believe is the best match.

We will always take a puppy back. Always. Too many malinois end up in shelters and we take the responsibility of breeding these dogs very seriously.

Because we breed for temperament, health, and drive, we often pull genetics from dogs with registration from different places. All the parents are registered, but unless the parents have the same registration we often cannot register the litter. So it depends on the litter.

Puppies will go home with their first round of vaccinations, dewormed, and microchipped. Because puppies are spoken for typically at birth, you will be consulted throughout the dogs upbringing if you would like more vaccinations or less.

No. You are more than welcome to fly or drive here and take your puppy back with you. I would be happy to meet you at the airport.

Yes. All of our adult dogs are proven working dogs and have the resumes and certifications to back that up. One of the reasons we breed so infrequently is so that our females are able to still work and be fulfilled in other aspects of their lives. Puppies from us will be stable, social, high drive working dog candidates.

No. If you are looking for an active home family pet I would highly recommend a nice lab. Our dogs need a purpose and an outlet in order to be intellectually and physically stimulated to be happy. A tired malinois is a happy malinois. They get along great with families but should never be purchased for that sole reason.

Our adult dogs are very well rounded working dogs, with high drive and stability. They can be good service dogs on top of having other outlets. These are not dogs to be exclusively service dogs and will not be placed in homes that have that as the soul purpose.

No. Comparing a malinois to a GSD is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both great for different reasons but are light years different.

If you are interested in a litter please fill out an application linked here (*Link to application form). We will contact you for a phone interview and discuss whether or not a puppy from us will be a good fit for your household. Filling out an application and doing an interview with us does not guarantee a puppy from us. Once puppies are born you will be contacted as to whether or not we have one for you. If we have a puppy for you, a $500 nonrefundable deposit is collected to hold your puppy. You will be informed which puppy is yours around the 5 week mark.